Non-Toxic Fly Catcher® - Reusuable
Non-Toxic Fly Catcher® - Reusuable
Non-Toxic Fly Catcher® - Reusuable

Non-Toxic Fly Catcher® - Reusuable

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Do you require a fly trap that can hold up to 40,000 flies before needing to be emptied?

Non-Toxic Fly Catcher® was purchased by over 30,000 happy customers just last summer.

The Non-Toxic Fly Catcher®'s features

  • High-Quality Materials: This Fast fly trap is composed of thick, high-quality iron wire gauze that is matched with an eco-friendly plastic bowl. It is sturdy, can be folded, hung, and used repeatedly.
  • This is a novel application of fly traps. efficient, secure, and earth-friendly. Useful and simple to clean. uses bait to lure the flies into a cage where they will starve to death.
    • Simple and Easy: This Non-Toxic Fly Catcher® is easy to use and understand and traps efficiently. While in use, we recommend using bait that the flies like, such as fish intestines, rotten fruit, fly trap attractant, and other smelly foods. You need to provide the bait by yourself, this product does not come with any fly trap bait.

    • Non-toxic: This reusable fly trap physically traps the insect, so it’s non-toxic, non-radioactive, and harmless. Also environmentally and pet friendly.

    • Wide Variety of uses: This stable fly trap could be used in canteens, toilets, restaurants, slaughterhouses, garbage disposal fields, farms, farmer’s markets, greening fields, gardens, and other public places.




    Use bait to lure flies into the cage and lack food to die naturally.

    Green and non-toxic, with No harm to humans and pets.

    Widely Used

    Used on many occasions. Green and no harm to humans and pets.