MINI Pocket Camera™ (70% OFF)
MINI Pocket Camera™ (70% OFF)
MINI Pocket Camera™ (70% OFF)
MINI Pocket Camera™ (70% OFF)

MINI Pocket Camera™ (70% OFF)

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Capture Every Moment On-The-Go 📸

Are you tired of missing out on capturing those special moments when you're out and about? Introducing our Portable Mini Pocket Camera, the perfect companion for your adventures! With its compact size and high-definition capabilities, this camera ensures that you never miss a beat.

Whether you're traveling, attending events, or simply exploring your surroundings, this camera is designed to provide you with stunning 1080P HD videos and crystal-clear images. The 30 frames per second recording allows for smooth streaming, delivering an immersive experience every time.



Experience a New Level of Portability 📱

Looking for a camera that offers unparalleled convenience and versatility? Look no further than our Portable Mini Pocket Camera! This tiny device packs a punch when it comes to capturing high-quality photos and videos.

Designed for those who are constantly on the move, this camera features a compact size of 75mm (length) x 27mm (width) x 13mm (thickness), making it incredibly portable. Whether you're hiking, biking, or exploring a new city, this camera easily fits into your pocket, ensuring that you're always prepared to document your experiences.

With its 1080P HD video recording capability, this camera delivers exceptional clarity and detail. Choose between two video resolutions, 1920x1080P or 1280x720P, and enjoy watching your footage with a cinematic feel. The 16:9 image ratio further enhances the visual experience, allowing you to capture breathtaking moments in their full glory.




  • 1080P HD video recording at 30fps
  • Easy-to-use controls with three buttons
  • Long battery life for up to 3 hours of video recording
  • Simultaneous charging and recording capability
  • Compact and portable design with magnet clip
  • Versatile usage for home, office, and outdoor security
  • Choose between 1080P and 720P video resolution
  • Wide 16:9 image ratio
  • Expandable storage up to 128GB with Micro SD card
  • Loop recording for continuous use without running out of storage.